Root Dawg Mini Nozzle (ver 2)


This next generation of the Root Dawg Mini is the best lateral line clearing tool. Period. Nothing else does more to focus the stream of water going forward like this nozzle does. 5 rear-facing jet provide ample thrust for mid-length runs. The internals are proven and tested rigorously by the folks at Hydraflex. At about 1,000 #'s the insert begins to rotate and break up anything in its path. It is very difficult to convey how powerful the forward cleaning action is on this tool, trial under your own conditions is the best test.

This nozzle works best with flows from 10 up to 25 GPM and pipes from 4" to 8". 

Series Information

  • 3007-176 (1/2"NPT Inlet)

Questions and Answers Regarding the Root Dawg:

What is the Root Dawg?

  • The Root Dawg nozzle is a few components assembled to give operators a fantastic tool for blockages and buildup. It is 100% repairable by end users and required no special tooling.

How does it work?

  • We combined some solid ideas and good ole' American machining to bring this one together.

Can this replace my Warthog nozzle?

  • Yes it can. This nozzle is a simpler approach to a controlled rotation cleaning tool. No stems to bend, no viscous fluid or lip seals to maintain. It is a dead simple nozzle with a really effective front cleaning jet.

Can this clean resolve root and grease issues?

  • Absolutely. This kind of work is exactly what we had in mind when we dreamed it up. The front rotating jet is where all the magic happens. We feel that lines larger than 18" wouldn't really see any benefit.