Red Dawg Bloodhound Nozzle (featuring Inline Jet Sonde)


Finally a proper locating solution for mainlines! You can get rid of the duct tape method for locating with your jetter/combo equipment. Simply install the Bloodhound assembly on your jet hose like you would any other nozzle, and send to where you need to locate. The super-strength signal coming from the Inline Jet Sonde (manufactured by Specialty Trenchless Products) is the most powerful sonde signal found in the industry. This allows for more accurate dig ups and line locating, 30+ depths are no problem for this great tool. Sondes are available in the most commonly used frequencies (512, 33, 66 & 640) so it will work with the receiver you currently own. This nozzle requires 35-80 GPM and can be jetted for specific water systems upon request. All nozzle components are replaceable and easy to change out. 

Reach out to find out more information, or 800-373-1318. 

Nozzle Features:

  • SS Nose Cover
  • SS Rear Nozzle Adapter
  • 6-rear replaceable jet
  • 15 deg. Rear jet angle
  • 1” Rear FNPT Inlet Port

Sonde Features:

  • Available Frequencies, 512, 33, 66 & 640 Htz
  • 3.4” Diameter x 6" Long
  • 30+ foot depth locates
  • Carbon ber outer jacket
  • Fully sealed sonde electronics and coil
  • O-ring sealed battery compartment
  • Uses 8 “AA” Batteries for up to 16 hours of runtime
  • Works in all non-metallic pipes and cast iron

Kit Contents:

  • SKB Case w- Custom Foam
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Allen Key Wrench
  • AA Battery x8
  • Allen Head Bolt, Head Cover, ⅜”x3/4” (4 pcs extra)
  • Head Cover, Bloodhound
  • Rear Adapter, Bloodhound
  • Inner Tube, Bloodhound
  • Insert Set for 40 @ 3000
  • Insert Set for 50 @ 3000
  • Insert Set for 60 @ 3000
  • Insert Set for 80 @ 2000
  • Reducer Bushing, 1” to ¾”
  • Sonde Assembly

Note: Depth claims are under ideal locating conditions. 

P/N: 3007-101