Red Dawg Bloodhound Mini Nozzle


Are you tired of losing sondes by duct taping them to your jet hose? Then this is the nozzle for you. Featuring a very simple two piece design for easy application. Simply install your shotgun style sonde in the nose carrier and operate the same way you would any other nozzle. This is useful for finding mainlines and locating collapsed section of pipe. The nose assembly doesn't impede the sonde signal strength at all. All with no tools required. 


  • SS Rear Adapter with 6-15 deg. rear facing thrust jets
  • 3/4" FNPT rear inlet port
  • Delrin Nose carrier
  • 2.3" Diameter
  • Replaceable rear jets (1/16" FNPT)
  • Works well on 14 GPM to 60 GPM water systems
  • No tools required

Questions and Answers Regarding the 100 Series:

Can I use this with my jetter/combo?

  • This is compatible with any jetter as long as you can adapt to a 3/4" Rear NPT port (14 GPM minimum needed)

How does the sonde stay in the nozzle?

  • We simply provide a safe carrying device for the sonde. 

Will this work with my sonde?

  • As long as your sonde is not greater than these dimensions it will fit. (4.3" L x .91" D)