Red Dawg Hero (12-Jet) Nozzle


Let this be your everyday cleaning nozzle. Its 12 dual-angled rear jets provide Thrust and cleaning angles to make this a dual purpose nozzle as well. The 3” diameter body provides a small enough footprint to work in lines as small as 6”, but can work on jetters up to 80 GPM. The Tier III internal design will make this a must have for operators cleaning ahead of a TV crew or accomplishing production cleaning with minimal water usage.

Note: This nozzle has been updated to generation 3. The new series is 3007-169.


  • Tier III Internals

  • Black Oxide Coating/Treatment

  • Contoured Design

  • 12 Replaceable Rear Jets (6 @ 8 Deg. & 6 @ 17 Deg.)

  • 1 Replaceable Front Jets

  • 17-4 Tool Steel Inserts

  • Rear Body Wrench Flats

  • 1-Piece Design

  • 3" Diameter Body

  • Outstanding Performance