Red Dawg Texan Nozzle


Don’t be afraid…. This nozzle is a substantial tool. All 45 lbs. of this 303 SS nozzle are ready to pulverize and plow through any blockage you might be up against. There are 12 rear facing EST jets (replaceable) at 3 different angles. This provides several different patterns on cleaning for any storm or sanitary line. We can also provide a straight swivel for this HD nozzle.


  • 303 Billet Stainless Steel construction or 6061 Aluminum (New as of Aug. 2019)

  • 12 Rear Jets (7 Deg/12 Deg/18 Deg.)

  • 1 Front Jet (@ 0 Deg.)

  • Replaceable Enhanced Stream Technology inserts

  • 1” FNPT Inlet port

  • Grip provisions on outer diameter

  • 13.75”L x 4.25”O.D.

  • 45# Weight

Series Info:

  • 3007-111.2 (Stainless Steel)

  • 3007-111.2AL (Aluminum)