Introducing the Red Dawg Scout

In our latest stride to keep operators as equipped as possible we are proud to present the Scout. This is the absolute simplest and easiest jet camera to operate in the industry. We have carefully planned features that will ensure this system be a very valuable tool for jet/combo operators. This system enables operators to get as much as 10,000 ft./day that can be used to meet your municipalities CMOM requirements. Why wait for your camera truck? Drop the Scout in and get the answer your guys need to solve the problem. 


Integrated LED Lighting w- Rechargeable Battery

This nozzle features a replaceable sealed lithium battery pack cartridge. We have bench tested this setup with over 8+ hours of continuous burn time, more than enough power for a full days work. The 1100 lumens of sealed LED light is more than enough to light up lines up to 14". 

Removable Action Camara

We designed the nozzle around several major action camras. This outstanding platform has the benefits of remote review of all videos stored on the camera and doesn't require operators to remove the SD card to review footage. If something goes wrong with your camera, simply replace the camera and keep going on. Crews don't waste time for costly factory repairs to be completed. 

Camera Specs:

  • 4K Video Capable or 1080p Stabilized (or 1080/120)

  • Waterproof Case

  • Voice Controlled

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 1.57.48 PM.png

Expanded View

Red Dawg Scout Breakdown


Replaceable Skids for lines from 8" up to 14"

We wanted to ensure that our system was ready to help video the most needed sizes. The expandable 110 series Platform skid is ready to help tackle lines up to 14". This skid features aluminum and stainless steel construction to ensure corrosion is not an issue in this unforgiving environment. A simple locking collar with two screws at the front of the skid is all that is needed to adjust the skid extensions. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I be able to view the video live going down the pipe?

A: Unfortunately, the live video signal is lost relatively quickly as the Scout is sent down the line therefore there is no live video available. By taking a low-tech mindset, we are able to make the Scout durable and more affordable for our users.

Q: What kind of warranty do I get on the Scout?

A: Please refer to the warranty statement located on page 15

Q: The LED light on my Scout won’t turn on…

A: If you have attempted to re-charge your lighting battery pack and the light still doesn’t come on, their might be something going internally. Please reach out to your local dealer for service.

Q: Is the light ring and battery pack replaceable?

A: Yes, both the LED light ring and battery pack’s are replaceable.

Q: What is the expected run time on the Scout?

A: The light on the Scout will run for eight hours. The action cameras usually last from 2-4 hours depending on settings and other factors.

Q: What kind of tablet do I need?

A: Any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet that can download the needed apps.

Q: What size pipe can I run the Scout in?

A: Right now the Scout is intended for 6” to 18” lines. Anything beyond 18 is currently untested. An extendable skid would increase the capable pipe size. We are currently exploring additional lighting attachments to give the Scout greater range.

Q: Is the camera self-leveling?

A: Nope. We don’t intend to make this system self-leveling. It defeats the purpose of being so simple. We agree it would be a nice feature, but it would add many more components that might fail.

Q: Will this work with my Jet Truck or Combo Truck?

A: Yes. As long as your water system has 25 -85 GPM it will work. There is no additional hardware required.

Q: Can I use this footage towards my C.M.O.M. requirements?

A: Yes. Many municipalities across the country use a jet camera to obtain footage towards their maintenance requirements.