Red Dawg 10-Jet Nozzle

Heavy cleaning design features keep this nozzle where it needs to be. The rear features 10-alternating angled jets for a mixed effort of cleaning and thrust. This is sure to be a standard issue nozzle for most of the combination cleaners out in the field. Heat treated to ensure long life out in the field as well.


  • Tier III Internals

  • Black Oxide Coating/Treatment

  • Contoured Design

  • 10 Replaceable Rear Jets (6 @ 8 Deg. & 6 @ 17 Deg.)

  • 1 Replaceable Front Jets (2.3" Series Only)

  • 17-4 Tool Steel Inserts

  • Rear Body Wrench Flats

  • 2-Piece Design

  • 2.3" & 3.5" Diameter Body

  • Outstanding Performance


  • New Retrofittable fin skid for 3.5" (59-series body) for 6" pipe. P/N: 3007-59-Skid

This nozzle did what the competitor’s couldn’t, and cost less than half of what they were charging my customers.
— Rusty, Environmental Sales Expert