Red Dawg Sand Hog


Sand and Sludge are no match for this solid aluminum nozzle. A forward-facing jet and 8-Rear facing jets (@15 Deg.) ensure a solid pattern behind this nozzle for breaking up debris and sending it downstream. Also, the red anodized finish lets you know this nozzle means business. Any crew looking for an ideal nozzle to tackle lines heavy with debris. It’s light body lets it drive right up on top of heavy obstacles. 


  • 1" Rear FNPT Inlet Port (3/4" for 3007-138 series)

  • Tier III Internals

  • Solid Anodized Aluminum Construction

  • Contoured Design

  • 8-Replaceable Rear Jets (6-Rear jets on 2.3" Body)

  • 1-Replaceable Forward Jet

  • 17-4 Tool Steel Inserts

  • Rear Body Wrench Flats

  • 3" & 2.3" Diameter Body

  • Outstanding Performance

Note: New series is the P/N: 3007-148 (1" Rear Port), and 3007-138 for the 3/4" Rear Port

Questions and Answers Regarding the 148 Series:

Why did you make the nozzle so long?

  • We wanted to eliminate the need for a fin/tube skid for 3/4" water systems. When using this nozzle a fin skid is not needed. Also, adding more metal adds life to the nozzle by giving more sacrificial metal. We kept the 3/4" version to 5.5" so that it could still be used for smaller lines if needed. 

Why doesn't your nozzle fly to the top of the pipe?

  • We design most of our mainline nozzles with thrust as the primary consideration. We couldn't pull hose as fast as we do with this nozzle if we had designed it with 30 deg rear jets. It would have focused too much on the wall of the pipe instead of pulling debris back to the manhole. 

How is your nozzle a Tier III?

  • We still incorporate features that made it much more efficient than a standard nozzle with our 1 piece design. 

Why did you Anodize this nozzle?

  • Because it looks great! and runs even better!

Is this nozzle for better for Sanitary sewer work, or stormwater work?

  • This nozzle excels in both types of work.