Red Dawg Texan Lite Nozzle


Introducing your next production cleaning nozzle. This is the best combination of cleaning power, weight, jet angles we have produced to date. The solid 304 SS or 6061 ALUM construction ensures this nozzle will around for many years of cleaning on your crew. 3 jet angles have been engineering into this for the most pulling and cleaning power in it’s weight class. Our EST Inserts do a fantastic job of holding stream patten while turning horsepower into cleaning power.

Reach out to find out more information, or 800-373-1318. 

Nozzle Features:

  • 304 SS Billet or 6061 Aluminum (one piece construction)

  • 12 replaceable rear jets (EST)

  • 1 replaceable forward jet (EST)

  • 40 - 80 Gallons required

  • 22.3# Weight (304SS) or 7.5# (6061ALUM)

  • Smooth nose & tail tapered transitions

  • 4.25” O.D. x 7.8” L

Note: Also available in Aluminum as P/N: 3007-111ST-ALUM

P/N: 3007-111ST