I am getting too much pressure with my new nozzle.

 The inserts may be too small for your water system. Please contact us and we can send a new set of inserts to resolve this.

I am not getting enough pressure with my new nozzle.

This can happen for many reasons. One may be that the inserts may be too large for your water system. We can send different inserts in this case. Also, worn ball valves, leaking pump packings, worn valves in the pump fluid end, or possible a defective unloader/relief valve.

I am not sure which nozzle I need. Can you recommend the proper nozzle?

Absolutely. We have many experienced sales people that are familiar with the limitations and areas the nozzles excel in. Please call us at 800-373-1318.

I don't know what flow and pressure my water system is.

No problem. If you know what engine and water pump combination you have we can figure out the rest.