Mud Dawg Nozzle


Storm drains and culverts beware, this nozzle is designed to tackle heavy low-lying debris. Storm drains are an excellent use of this 6 or 12-jet pulling brick. Constructed of 4140 heat-treated stock milled down to our design with all replaceable inserts. A rear straight swivel is installed so that this nozzle doesn’t twist up your jet hose as it is operated. The 48 series also makes a great nozzle for general cleaning as well.

Questions and Answers Regarding the 48 Series:

Why are these nozzles flat instead of round?

  • The flat form factors lets us really focus the water/jet pattern where it needs to be. The absolute bottom of the pipe.

How big of pipe can I clean with these?

  • The 48 series (3/4" version) can be seen in the first video above cleaning a 60" storm drain culvert. We are comfortable that it would do a fantastic job with this large of pipe.

  • The 58 sewer (1" version) would do an equally great job on this large of line, but it would require much more water to produce the needed force for longer runs (above 60 GPM).

Do these have replaceable inserts? or Can this be configured for different water systems?

  • Absolutely, Our latest version of the 48 series has a reduced weight and improved posture. This new size lets this nozzle be used on systems all the way down to 18 GPM. Most others manufacturers require much more flow for this style of nozzle due to their weight.

Can these nozzles be run in a twin configuration?

  • Yes, the 48 series can be configured to run side by side for many different water systems (40 GPM and above). Pictures of the basic setup can be found in the gallery above. Let us know if you would like more information on this configuration,