Performance Sewer Cleaning Tools

Make your budget and jetter go further with Red Dawg


Introducing the Red Dawg family of sewer cleaning tools. The most original nozzle line found in the USA.


We are proud to introduce our Texas-made sewer cleaning nozzles provide the same cleaning power as the European nozzles. On average our nozzles cost 40-60% less to the average end user. Original designs and long-lasting ideas brought to reality by American machinist and families.

  • Get more from your jetting equipment with better tools

  • Long lasting construction and materials

  • Optimized for your machine by people that actually build jetting equipment


RD Drilled Nozzle

Our long-lasting series of drilled nozzles make it an easy grab when choosing gear for your crew. 

RD Sand Hog Nozzle

This is a fantastic aluminum cleaning nozzle for production cleaning and heavy debris scenarios. 

RD Standard Nozzle

Available in 2.3" & 3.5" diameters for most jetting needs. This excels at preventive maintenance work along with most anything you can throw at it.

RD Chisel Nozzle

Available in 2.3" & 3.5" diameters for stoppage issues. Grease, roots, and general heavy debris situations and what this was made for.

RD Low-Pro Nozzle

Low-profile features and design elements that make this a great nozzle for 4" cleanouts and blockages. 

RD Pusher Nozzle

Forward-only thrust makes this a must have for crews resolving blocked lateral lines. This tool allows for the best application of force on lateral blockages. 

RD 10-Jet Nozzle

Available in 2.3" & 3.5" diameters for steep hills, sandy lines or general cleaning. This nozzles impresses everyone that dares to try.

RD Hero Nozzle

A 2.9" diameter pulling monster. The dual-angled jets make this a popular choice for pre-TV work as well as lines with heavy sand.

RD Rotator  Nozzle

Available in 1.6" & 2.3" diameters for many different water systems from 10 to 80 GPM. From heavy grease lines to pre-TV cleaning these rotators work great.

RD Root Dawg Nozzle

Eat away at stubborn stoppages with this unique nozzle. A Zero degree front jet lets this eat away at tough grease and roots. 

RD Mud Dawg Nozzle

Culverts and larger pipe were made for the Mud Dawg. Get the jets down where the debris is.

RD Hot Dawg Nozzle

2.3"  & 3" Diameter nozzles with a time-tested design features. Contractors appreciate the simplicity and performance of this great nozzle.