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We do it different than most, we bring the full array of tools and hardware to you. We are outfitted with a complete set of nozzles, tiger tails, leader hoses and lots more. Ricky is qualified to gauge what your water system is rated for and also evaluate whether it is working up to par. So reach out to Ricky and find out when he can come by to visit your yard. We are excited to offer onsite demonstrations and evaluations of equipment. 

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PipeHunter Universal Camera Roller Skids

The PipeHunter Universal Roller Skid was created to increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your portable video inspection system. The device’s ability to contract and expand for use in 6”-18” pipelines will allow you to use your portable video inspection system in applications that previously required expensive tractor systems. The PURS allows for inspection cameras to negotiate multiple corners and bends which significantly increases the inspection’s depth range. The PURS accepts most standard push cameras under 2 inches diameter. The PURS is constructed of lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant composite nylon.

  • Easily negotiate 6” to 18” pipelines.
  • Negotiates 6” x 45° elbows and 8” x 90° bends.
  • Six 2” wheels help guide the camera through the pipeline.
  • Optional 3” wheels available.
  • Increase camera lifetime and protects your camera
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Giant Industries Pump & Parts

At Giant Pumps we are committed to bringing to you, our customer, the highest quality and most reliable pump and accessory products possible, at the best price.

From our headquarters, R&D and operations center in Toledo, Ohio, — and in collaboration with leading German partners — we develop, test, manufacture and distribute high quality products to serve the pump and accessory needs of many industries.

Customers throughout the world recognize the quality construction and versatility of Giant pumps, accessories, and power units. Our extensive line of high-pressure, high-temperature and high-flow pumps are used in every major pump application where extreme operating conditions are required.


PipeHunter Sewer Cleaning Equipment

A small family-owned Sewer cleaning equipment manufacturer located in Pearland, TX. We have proudly distributed & manufactured environmental equipment in Texas since 1986. Our unique experience from every side of the sewer industry has led us to create unique equipment solutions that keep in mind that simple is always the best long term solution. Other are adding more computers, but we strive to keep our equipment as simple to repair, operate and maintain as possible. We are 100% made in Texas and plan to keep it that way. 

Jet Trailers, Mini-Combos, Vacuum Trucks & Trailers, Easement Machines

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Rycom Instruments Locating Equipment

Established in 1946, Rycom Instruments has become a leading manufacturer of cable, pipe and fault locating equipment. Our long-standing history has strengthened our ability to transform and reinvent ourselves to fit the needs of the locating industry. Made in America!

  • Cable & Pipe Locators
  • Fault Locators & Cable Test
  • Sondes
  • Ferrous Metal Detectors
  • Passive Electronic Markers & Detectors
Our Red Dawg nozzles surprise people everyday.
— Ryan Banks, PipeHunter Regional


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